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Recruitment Solutions

Foces Staffing Services Pvt Ltd focuses completely on providing the best of recruitment solutions in Pune. We understand how difficult it can be for so many people to not get a job opportunity only because they lack certain communication skills.

Staffing Solutions

Foces is conventional name for staffing solutions. Our errands involve solving the need for specific staff and facing all kinds of challenges that came across our way. The company emphases on the various ways to reach out and create a relationship with other industry sectors.

Housekeeping Management

Foces staffing Pvt Ltd is just not delimited in recruitment only but has good existence in facility services with Joint venture RNS Facilities Services Pvt Ltd, where our commitment is to take care of your “Non-Core Business so that you can concentrate on you core business"

Payroll Management

Payroll management is one of the most important tasks that need to be maintained by any employer regardless of the number of employees they have. All the records related to payroll taxes that include income tax withholding, federal unemployment tax and many other pieces of information.

Facilities and Building Solutions

Foces Staffing Services Pvt Ltd & RNS Facility Services Pvt Ltd are the leading professional organization, we offer a wide range of specialized and customized services to its customers, covering varied and specific needs.

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Foces will offer job seeker categorised attempts to interact face to face with our experts and get their interpersonal skills updated. We believe that everyone has different learning styles so we'll have different workshops to boost job seeker confidence before going to an interview and get selected .

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